Quotes Working with Donny was a pleasure. My puppy Pablo previously Stuart, has been great! He is such a loving, happy, healthy boy. Quotes

Quotes Hubba (aka Brown).. is doing GREAT, just turning a year 2 months ago and fitting PERFECTLY into our family!!! He is a stunner, and gets compliments EVERYWHERE we take him.. he's a good boy and was easy to housebreak and train...and for a Bulldog, listens pretty good too!! hahaha Donny was wonderful to work with, and was eager to answer all of my questions and help us to feel comfortable with the transaction!! I would HIGHLY recommend Donny and AKD Puppies and Pets!! Thank you for bringing us together with Hubba... he is our baby and couldn't be happier with his temperment, health, and looks!!!!! Quotes
Audrey Lewis
Hubba a,k.a Brown ...

Quotes It's awlyas a pleasure to hear from someone with expertise. Quotes

Quotes Just wanted to touch base to let you know our newest addition is settled in and rotten we had a family vote and his name is.......drum roll please...... Luigi i just love the name and our english bulldog is Lola they are best of friends already luigi has taken to Berk our son and sleeps in his bed at night. God Bless Quotes
Luigi a.k.a. Barney

Quotes Donny, She is doing great... Quotes

Quotes Teo is doing wonderful, we are happy and he is too. We name him Lambeau. And we took him to his first vet apt and he is doing great weighing 12.5 lb. Quotes
Kimberly Lewis
Lambeau a.k.a Teo